Christian Friedrich Martin, from Mark Neukirchen learned his craft as a carpenter. But his true interest was focused on building guitars. However, the closest thing to a guitar to be built in Markneukirchen at the time were violins and the violin makers had absolutely no interest in making guitars. So, in order to learn how to make guitars, young Christian moved to Vienna and found employment with Johann Stauffer, the leading guitar manufacturer in Vienna at the time. Upon hi...




Martin Guitars started out in a time, when the acquisition of a musical instrument was a lifetime investment. Thus Martin guitars were built in absolutely professional quality from the get-go. In later times, Martin started producing more accessibly priced models with laminate Back and sides.

Around the turn of the millennium Martin also introduced instruments with laminate necks and Bodies made from high pressure laminate. These and other affordable instruments, are made in Martins own plant in Mexico. The classic, high class models are continuously made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania since 1840.